Let me share with you a story as told by a friend of mine.

After graduating as an electrical engineer from Louisiana Tech, he had a lot of knowledge in relation with electronics and automated systems. This was in 1990.

One day he was driving his car to work, it was a rush hour, and not all drivers were that friendly. So he thought of something new. What about installing sensors to warn drivers when they get too close too fast to the car ahead of them?

The idea was an extension of the use of the existing infrared sensors that are installed on supermarkets doors. Nothing else. By using the same technology, cars can have a signal in front of them to advise and warn the drivers on how close and how fast they are approaching the next car in front of them.

My friend went deeper with his thoughts to make the idea flawless. It was supposed to be a perfect shot.

But do you know what did he do with it? Nothing, he kept his idea to himself and kept dreaming of it until other people, who came up with a similar idea, took the very right step and made it available to people for their use.

So basically, my friend didn’t benefit from this idea, but, thanks to the other fellows, today people are using sensors and cameras on their cars for their own and other people’s safety.

Now think about it. What if nobody took action and everyone had the same attitude as my friend?  People would have lost the opportunity of having another component in their cars to keep them and others safer. Right?

If you think your idea could benefit others and get you profit.

Yes, I said “get you profit”, cause if it doesn’t get you profit, there is a better alternative to your idea.

So, if you think your idea could benefit others and get you profit, get your entrepreneur ideas off the ground, make that first step, remember the idiom “Strike while the iron is hot”, and don’t wait! Cause time flies.

All the best.