And who’s happier, the value maker or the value taker?

The doctor and his wife

I was watching a presentation given by a physician (doctor) who decided, with his wife, to dedicate a part of their life helping others.

He started talking about their journey in some very poor places in Africa, and how they were spending their long days committed for enhancing other people’s. All this, with enthusiasm.

He explained how the wellness program was successful, how they were participating in several other projects, and how they mingled easily with different tribes despite the language barrier and cultural differences.

A very special night

The talk went on almost with the same tone, until he started describing a very specific night in the middle of the African jungle. It was very hot outside, the sky was cloudy, and, on the top of that, they had a blackout. The electrical power generator went down or something like that. So, he stepped outside of the small wooden house with his wife, and sat on some domestically made rocking chairs, when his wife, who could barely see him because of the dark, asked him a wonderful question:

“Do you think people in heaven are happier than us?”.

Wow! She was not in a luxurious palace with full service or anything close to that. She was in a complete opposite environment, and was amongst the happiest people on earth.

What do you think made her feel that way?

I think the answer is very simple: The true value they were bringing to that hostile environment is the main reason for their happiness. The happiness in the eyes of those deprived people was probably reflected exponentially in the heart of this gentleman and his wife.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Take away!

Don’t worry, you don’t need to go to the heart of the African jungle to be happy, but if you have a bright idea that can enhance others’ life, then don’t bury it in your mind. Go ahead… develop it. Let Vamaks help you see the true happiness in eyes of others, and…

Be happy!

B.M. from Vamaks,