We all had at least one real valuable idea that we could turn to business. Don’t tell me you didn’t…

Did you make it through?

If yes, then you don’t need to read this. You’re all set.

But if you didn’t, what do you think the blocker was?

Or may be the right question is, why it didn’t go through?

I give you 5 seconds to think about it.
Time’s over!

What you’ve been thinking of, is probably true. But do you know that the most probable answer to the “why” question is me, you and other people like us.

We manage to create imaginary mental blockers and make wrong assumptions instead of taking the correct action.

Let me illustrate what I mean by wrong assumptions with a short story that I’ve heard when I was a kid.

“There was a man who had a flat tire in a remote area. And guess what? He didn’t have a phone. There were no mobile phones at that time.  The spare tire was in a good shape, he checked the car’s trunk and found all the tools except the lifting jack.

He luckily realized that there was a farm right there, few steps away from him. He could even see the farmer doing his work there.

He decided to go and ask for help, which is the right thing to do in that situation. But right after taking a few steps, he thought: what if this man was mean to me and kicked me out? Wouldn’t be embarrassing?

After arguing with himself about the personality of the farmer for a minute that felt like hours, he finally decided to go and talk to him.

He stopped by the edge of the fence and, without any greeting, he yelled at the farmer: “You know what? I don’t need your lifting jack!” and went back to his car.

End of the story.”

He’s made a decision that was based only on an assumption.

Now think about it. How many times did you make decisions like this for your valuable ideas and buried those ideas because of imaginary mental blockers?

If you think your idea could benefit others and get you profit, take the right action, don’t make false assumptions, and don’t wait! Cause time flies.

All the best,